In a hyper-connected digital environment, intuitive advertising is critical to effectively engage audiences. It forms the core of successful marketing; yet, currently, a majority of the digital audience  finds ads an unpleasant hindrance. With the always-connected user becoming more aware of privacy rights and personalisation possibilities, an aversion towards conventional ads is only set to increase. In such a scenario, relying on singular SEM or social media campaigns can be inadequate for brands to engage with audiences throughout the consumer life cycle. This makes it imperative to look at newer and smarter ways to define marketing and media strategies. 

VEVE: Accelerating the path to branding and performance objectives 

It becomes important to leverage platforms and tools that help meet performance marketing objectives while delivering on brand recall; such an approach ensures a high relevance and strengthens the brand’s relationship with audiences. A platform that seamlessly connects brands to leading OEMs and browsers, VEVE offers a series of diverse and innovative ad formats and on-device placements that helps marketers find newer and untapped audiences across digital channels.  

VEVE Tiles: Elevating Customer Experience (CX)-focused marketing while engaging high-intent audiences 

A growing preference for a digital lifestyle along with the customer needs to interact with brands on-demand, has increased the emphasis on CX – delivering an enhanced CX is critical to winning the customer’s attention, trust, and loyalty.  

VEVE Tiles, an innovative native ad format, empowers marketers to drive greater brand visibility, without hampering user experience.  Tiles enables advertisers to display their brand logos at several key touchpoints – browsers, app stores, minus one screen, start pages, launchers, and more, providing marketers access to 1 billion+ high-intent users. This allows brands to deliver a consistent, consumer-focused ad experience that builds recall without causing distraction. 

Here are some of the ways in which advertisers are leveraging VEVE Tiles to deliver an enhanced, CX-focused ad experience: 

  • Enables brands to place their logos in a way that captures audience attention without hampering user experience or causing any distraction 
  • By placing the brand logos on browser start pages, marketers enable high-intent users in a search environment to navigate to their website or landing pages even before they start their search journeys
  • Enjoy custom audience targeting via geolocation and device type/device model  
  • Drive clicks, engagements, leads, sales, subscriptions, and more at scale
  • Helps marketers explore avenues beyond standard advertising formats offered by tech giants like Google or Meta; reducing dependency on outlay-heavy inventories 

Top benefits for marketers  

It is important that CX-focused performance marketing and advertising tools simplify operations. VEVE Tiles helps marketers run and manage native ad campaigns with significant benefits like:  

  • Build top-of-the-mind brand recall even before potential consumers begin their search journey; this optimises campaign spends significantly in the mid to long-term  
  • Choosing from a range of campaign goals such as visits, leads, and sales to drive the user to a brand’s website or landing page 
  • Drive higher conversion than standard ad formats with innovative native ad experiences; achieve better value for campaign spends
  • Get placements on leading OEMs, browsers, apps, etc. across geographies through a single channel for simplified campaign operations and then scale the possibilities 
  • Analyse meaningful campaign insights via unified, transparent dashboards

VEVE Impact: Driving incremental reach during key trading periods 

VEVE Impact is a native banner ad format that helps to increase visibility across browsers, in-app, app stores, lock screens, and minus one screen. The creative media opportunities facilitated by VEVE Impact are best leveraged by marketers to drive incremental traffic during season sales and major trading periods.  

Some of the top ways in which businesses are leveraging VEVE Impact to engage and convert audiences are: 

  • Place brand campaign creatives right in front of high-intent users across browsers in a search environment  
  • Create high-visibility banners promoting discounts/offers etc. across key touchpoints on smart devices  
  • Overcome audience “blind spots” and enhance brand visibility without hampering the user experience  
  • Incremental reach beyond search and social  media channels

Making room for enhanced advertising strategies 

Beyond high-impact campaign performance, an advanced platform like VEVE offers the opportunity to develop more sophisticated and innovative performance marketing strategies at a larger level. Advertisers can leverage the platform and its products to deliver the high-on-relevance, high-on-experience ads that modern day consumers expect. This goes a long way in building a strong relationship with audiences, optimising media spends for greater value, and implementing strategies that drive greater revenue in the face of the current economic environment. 

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