8 seconds. That’s it!

In today’s fast-paced world, every second counts. Research suggests that on a website, a user’s attention span hovers around a mere eight seconds. In the time it’s taken you to read these opening lines, you’ve probably picked up your phone at least twice, thought about your next meal, or gotten distracted by something in your peripheral vision.

What does that mean for a marketer like you? In the vast, competitive and cluttered landscape of digital advertising, finding the right touchpoint to engage with users quickly and effectively can be a challenging task.

Every marketer sifts through a haystack of advertising formats, in pursuit of the elusive best touchpoint for their brand. However, amidst the clutter (and hay), browser start pages, while often overlooked, represent a unique and underexplored touchpoint for brands seeking to reach their audience.

As the initial landing spot for users before they embark on their online journey, start pages on browsers, apps, and search engines offer an ideal opportunity for brands to capture attention and drive engagement. It serves as the gateway to a user’s digital adventure, providing a strategic entry point for brands to establish a meaningful presence and cater to the specific needs and intentions of users.

By recognizing the significance of start pages and harnessing their potential, brands can effectively leverage this prime real estate to create impactful customer interactions and drive desired actions. Here are some of the reasons why brands stand to gain by advertising on browser start pages:

  • High User Intent: When users open a browser, their intent is typically high. They are actively seeking information, products, or services, making this moment ideal for brands to capture their attention and drive engagement.
  • Pre-Search Environment: The start page of a browser precedes the search environment, which is often crowded with brands vying for each square inch. By placing ads on the start page, brands can reach users before they enter the competitive search landscape, ensuring greater visibility and impact.
  • 100% Viewability: Ad placements on browser start pages offer 100% viewability, ensuring that every user who opens the browser sees the ad. This guarantees that brands have the undivided attention of users, maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

But, simply being present on these start pages isn’t enough. Driving clicks and conversions is slightly more complicated than that.

At VEVE, we understand the potential of start pages – our innovative ad formats are specifically developed for, and strategically placed, to drive returns and harness the potential of this valuable touchpoint. Leveraging our long-standing partnerships with the most popular browsers and OEMs (smartphone manufacturers) across the globe, we are able to provide brands access to over 1BN+ smart devices across the globe.


Tiles is a native ad format for consumers to navigate to their favourite and popular websites. Placed on start pages as quick-access icons in the form of brand logos, leverage this format to drive clicks, engagements, leads, sales, subscriptions & app installs.

Why do Tiles deliver?

  • User-Centric Layout: With a user-centric layout, Tiles seamlessly blend into the start page, enhancing the user experience and driving engagement.
  • Designed to Drive Conversion: Whether it’s driving sales, generating leads, or increasing app installs, Tiles are crafted to subtly nudge users towards conversion, delivering tangible results and maximizing campaign ROI.
  • Capture the User Early: Tiles provide quick access icons on start pages, capturing the user’s attention right from the moment they open the browser.
  • Campaign Optimization: VEVE’s advanced optimization techniques ensure that Tiles deliver optimal performance, reaching the right audience at the right time.
  • Native Placements: Tiles are designed as native placements, seamlessly integrated into the start page to enhance user interaction and brand visibility.


Impact ads are high-impact banners that help reach 1BN+ devices incrementally and drive maximum visibility using full screen takeovers, splash screens, and interstitials across unique touchpoints on mobile & desktop. Drive clicks, engagements, leads, sales and subscriptions during key trading periods and seasonal sales

Why does Impact deliver?

  • Beats Banner Blindness: Impactful native banner ads help brands overcome banner blindness, capturing user attention and driving engagement.
  • Ideal for Driving Awareness: Impact ads are perfect for raising awareness about offers, promotions, and deals, effectively reaching users at a crucial stage in their browsing journey.
  • Brand-Safe Inventory: VEVE ensures that your ads are displayed on brand-safe inventory, safeguarding your brand from inappropriate or unsafe content.
  • Deep-Linking Capabilities: With deep-linking capabilities, Impact ads can redirect users directly to category/product pages, shortening the user journey and driving conversions.
  • Complements Tiles: Deploying Impact ads in conjunction with Tiles creates a cohesive strategy that maximizes results, with Impact helping to increase awareness about the brand and/or deals, while Tiles drive conversions.

In case you’ve decided to stick around after the first eight seconds, let us just say thank you. In conclusion, the start pages of browsers offer a unique and valuable touchpoint for brands to connect with users at a moment of high intent and undivided attention. With VEVE’s innovative ad formats, such as Tiles and Impact, brands can successfully leverage start pages to drive engagement, increase brand visibility, and achieve measurable returns on their advertising investments.

Harness the potential of the start page with VEVE and unlock new opportunities for your brand to thrive in the digital advertising landscape. Fill the form below to get started!