There are times when being a marketer can feel a lot like a cowboy gunslinger from the 1880s. Armed with a marketing budget and a thirst for incremental returns, you scour the map laid out in front of you, scouting locations for your next campaign.

But in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, traditional marketing channels like search and social media have become less viable. The overreliance on Google and Meta has left brands at their mercy, with higher costs of advertising leading to poorer returns. Additionally, there are mounting concerns around privacy, and it has ultimately become a lot more difficult to stand out from the competition on these crowded platforms.

On the contrary, over the past decade, new-age smartphone manufacturers have slowly but surely gained a sizable market share, emerging as a powerful alternate. Since 2017, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Huawei, OnePlus, and Realme amongst others have collectively seen an increase of close to 20% in the global smartphone market share, building a significant user base presenting brands with another avenue to reach incremental audiences all across the world. 2023 alone saw over 1.3 billion smartphones shipped with these OEMs leading the growth.

With a trajectory that only seems to be heading upwards, it has become increasingly imperative for brands to establish a strong presence on OEM platforms in order to stay competitive and engage with this swiftly expanding user base.

That sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? As a brand, you saddle up, setting course for the uncharted land of OEMs.

But as you delve deeper into this ecosystem, it starts to resemble the Wild Wild West. With these companies each operating across multiple regions and platforms, there is a lack of a unified approach to reaching users, resulting in a wide variety of challenges for a brand.

  • Higher costs: Running and managing your advertising campaign across different OEMs entails co-ordinating with multiple people at the same time, requiring you to allocate additional resources and set up processes, leading to higher costs.
  • Data silos: The isolated nature of each OEM and their advertising platforms hinder your ability to gather valuable insights and build a coherent strategy for your campaigns.
  • Little-to-no campaign optimization: A lack of technical know-how along with questionable transparency and the absence of a dedicated Account Management team limit your campaign performance, preventing it from achieving its maximum potential.
  • Regulatory complexities: Working across multiple regions and geographies each comes with its own set of regulatory and legal concerns, making it crucial to handle them with caution and expertise.

Clearly, the ecosystem is in need of a solution that helps bring order and makes it easier for brands. Various players have tried to make a dent in solving this problem. At VEVE, we are uniquely positioned to help brands successfully navigate the OEM universe; led by our decade-long experience in the ecosystem, relationships with top publishers, our propriety technology and our ML-led optimisation efforts that enable us to deliver value for brands helping them meet their marketing KPIs.

A conduit between brands and OEMs, VEVE successfully helps the former realise the full potential of OEM-based advertising through the following:

  • One-stop solution: VEVE acts as the single connective tissue between your brand and all publishers, eliminating the need for multiple points of contact to manage your OEM advertising efforts.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Enjoy enhanced campaign performance with a dedicated Account Manager, and continuous optimization as we leverage data from past as well as present campaigns to identify and target the best performing inventory across verticals for your brand.
  • Designed to drive conversion: Whether it’s driving sales, generating leads, or increasing app installs, our ad formats – Tiles and Impact (hyperlink), are crafted to subtly nudge users towards conversion, delivering tangible results and maximizing campaign ROI.
  • Access to exclusive touchpoints: VEVE’s long-standing partnerships with the biggest OEMs in the world help negotiate the best deal for your brand, giving you access to unique touchpoints.
  • Privacy-friendly solutions: Fully compliant with GDPR and CPRA privacy norms, our ad solutions are built keeping in mind consumers’ right to privacy.
  • Centralised reporting with full transparency: Get access to campaign performance and data across multiple OEM sources in one place, with full transparency on where and how your brand appears.

In conclusion, as the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, brands need to recognise the rise of OEMs in order to diversify their distribution strategies beyond the walled gardens of search and social media, and to reach untapped audiences. Working with a trusted partner like VEVE, brands can conquer the Wild Wild West world of OEM advertising, turning chaos into opportunity and uncertainty into success, riding into the sunset of incremental returns.

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