The evolution of data-driven marketing has contributed to the rise of two significant challenges for marketers, especially performance marketers – ensuring quality traffic and consistent lead generation. It is no longer adequate to meet quantitative performance goals in isolation. The need of the hour is to optimise performance marketing campaigns for better-qualified leads continually.

In addition, marketers must now be prepared to tackle a few other challenges creating a new paradigm, especially in the digital marketing space. Some of these challenges include:

The emergence of a cookie-less era 

Marketers have often relied on third-party data to drive performance campaigns. However, with the sun setting on third-party cookies soon, access to such bulk, cost-effective third-party data will no longer be available. In this context, advertising data will be less accurate, impacting campaign efficacy. It will also impact customer acquisition costs, especially on mass platforms like Facebook and Google Ads.

Such a cookie-less environment reinforces the need to look at new ways to acquire and engage customers. Innovation and cost-effectiveness will become critical focus areas for performance marketers to ensure high campaign ROI.

Having the right content mix 

It is no longer adequate for marketers to target the right customer with the right messaging. It is equally vital that performance marketing campaigns understand and respond to user behaviour and preferences. As audiences spend more time consuming the different content formats on their phones, they expect such diversity in ad formats as well that natively fit for the best user experience. 

Increasing CPL (Cost-per-Lead), decreasing conversion rates 

According to a study by Wordstream, the CPL has increased for 91% of industries year on year, with an average overall increase of 19%. The same study also shows that 91% of the industries saw a decrease in conversion rates, with an overall decrease of 14%. This underlines the significance of using highly creative and engaging campaigns to sustain high ROIs. 

On-device ads: Creative solutions for fuelling business growth 

VEVE, a tech-driven performance marketing platform, enables brands to solve their most complex challenges through unique on-device ad formats, OEM partnerships, and media placements across browsers, popular apps, and app stores.

VEVE’s range of on-device native ad formats help to connect with users in a non-intrusive yet powerful way. It enables marketers to center their performance marketing strategies around user needs instead of being limited by what mainstream browsers and social platforms have to offer. This, in turn, accelerates creativity, opens newer opportunities, and leads to greater conversions.  

VEVE Tiles: For high-performance, intuitive advertising  

Ambitious performance marketing targets need ad products that are intuitive to user actions. VEVE Tiles is an innovative native ad format for effective on-device marketing. Marketers can run campaigns across OEMs, browsers, telcos, utility apps, fintech apps, keyboard apps, minus one screen, start pages, launchers, and more without hampering the user experience for high-impact advertising.  

Here are some of the key reasons why successful performance marketers are building an on-device advertising campaign strategy around VEVE Tiles:

  • Reach 1 billion+ high-intent users before they actively begin their search journey on browser start pages 
  • Get maximum value in terms of conversions and brand impact with innovative on-device, native ad format 
  • Privacy-focused technology where performance is delivered without data collection 
  • Explore avenues beyond standard advertising formats offered by tech giants like Google or Meta and reduces dependency on outlay-heavy inventories  
  • No API integration required, saves time and resources on additional creative and operational support 

VEVE Impact: Ads that blend in, campaigns that stand out 

There is an urgent need to raise the bar on branding and performance marketing campaigns targeting high-intent users. Text-based SEM ads can be inadequate when it comes to highly engaging brand experiences that consumers expect. With its creative search banner ads, browser takeovers, and in-app banners, among other formats, VEVE Impact bridges this gap and helps run creative performance campaigns that engage and convert the experience-driven user.

These are some of the top ways in which marketers are using VEVE Impact’s creative offerings to engage and convert high-intent users: 

  • Drive incremental traffic during high-season periods with campaigns outside the walled gardens of search and social media
  • Deliver on larger marketing goals such as clicks, leads, conversions, and sales with performance-driven CTAs
  • Run brand campaigns with interactive creatives for consistent, impactful visibility among high-intent premium users across browsers
  • Run campaigns with time-bound offers across leading on-device touchpoints for traffic peaks
  • Increase campaign reach beyond search and social for ROI optimisation

The final word 

The line between brand and performance marketing continues to blur rapidly. In such a scenario, marketers must refrain from a “set it and forget it” strategy and consistently innovate with new platforms, technologies, and formats. In an increasingly user-experience-driven, cookie-less ad environment, this is the key to running a campaign that delivers on your immediate, short-term, and long-term marketing goals.  

Reach out to us to learn more about how VEVE products can power performance marketing campaigns with innovative on-device ad formats.