OEM advertising has become an increasingly essential tool for marketers to reach incremental audiences beyond the walled gardens of search and social media. But navigating this scattered universe can be challenging with numerous platforms, devices, and channels creating a highly fragmented, complex environment. This complexity highlights the need for a dependable and trusted partner to drive unified, high performance solutions and help brands successfully navigate these challenges.

VEVE, through its long-standing, strategic partnerships with leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi, offers an integrated approach. These partnerships have proven to be instrumental in providing unique advertising experiences across mobile handsets, browsers, app stores, and premium apps. With innovative ad formats and media placements, VEVE has helped 2000+ advertisers achieve their branding and performance goals.

One of the world’s largest electronics companies, Samsung’s partnership with VEVE is helping deliver advertising experiences to users on Samsung devices. This partnership is enabling advertisers to reach millions of users globally and drive significant ROI through performance-based pricing models.

Brian Kangwon Na, Service Partnership Manager, Samsung Electronics, shared his thoughts on Samsung’s association with VEVE.

“We take pride in counting VEVE amongst our key partners, marking a partnership built on VEVE’s successful track record. At Samsung, we aim to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. This partnership enables us to leverage VEVE’s global advertiser network and unique ad formats, offering new services that meet and exceed the expectations of our users.”

Huawei, renowned for its innovative technology solutions, also benefits from VEVE’s unique ad experiences and media placements. Through VEVE’s partnership with Huawei, advertisers are able to seamlessly connect with their target audiences, driving successful branding and performance campaigns while prioritising privacy and brand safety on Huawei devices.

Bryant Lew, Director General of Huawei Mobile Traffic, EU about Huawei’s long-standing partnership with VEVE:

“We are delighted to have VEVE as a pivotal partner in our business ecosystem. At Huawei, we aim to bring digital transformation to every person, home, and organisation to create a fully connected, intelligent world. This partnership enables us to leverage VEVE’s global advertiser network and innovative ad formats, offering new services that help provide our users intelligent and engaging experiences.”

Xiaomi, the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, has a core agency partner in VEVE, providing advertisers with exclusive access to a vast user base across 100+ countries. The partnership with Xiaomi enables VEVE to deliver innovative on-device advertising solutions that cater to the evolving needs of users and drive successful branding and performance campaigns.

Bono Wu, Head of Channel and Programmatic Partnership, Global, International Internet Business Department notes the importance of the collaboration with VEVE.

“We are thrilled to welcome VEVE as our core agency. VEVE’s outstanding performance over the last 2 years has paved the way for this significant expansion of our partnership. At Xiaomi, our mission is to enhance user experience and explore innovative solutions to meet our users’ evolving needs. This partnership will enable us to leverage VEVE’s global advertiser network and innovative on-device ad formats, offering new services that cater to our users’ demand for immersive mobile experiences.”

Pia Frey, CMO, VEVE, Affinity Global Inc. emphasises the importance of these partnerships:

“Our collaborations with top OEMs like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have been crucial in helping us deliver impactful advertising experiences to users around the world, and to unlock the full value of OEM advertising through unified and high performing solutions. These partnerships showcase our commitment to providing advertisers with innovative touchpoints that drive significant results and create value for all stakeholders involved.”

As VEVE continues to strengthen its partnerships with top OEMs, advertisers can expect to benefit from enhanced reach, robust campaign management, and improved performance. Through these strong partnerships, VEVE is poised to deliver effective advertising solutions that drive success for brands and app developers worldwide.

For more information on VEVE and its partnerships with top OEMs, visit www.veve.com.

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