For long, marketers have looked at digital marketing with a traditional and often siloed lens. Even today, search, email, social media, display and banner ads on leading search engines, social media, and other portals continue to have the highest share in marketing budgets. However, the consumer buying journey has become increasingly fluid in an age of connected devices. The plethora of new devices has created new touchpoints that allow consumers and brands to connect with each other even before they begin their buying journey.  

As consumers seamlessly traverse between different connected devices, they expect brands to provide an equally seamless and engaging experience across different devices, browsers, and apps. The rise of new devices has led to new stand-alone browsers, OEM-driven search engines and bundled apps, on-device extensions, and keyboards making the online universe more and more fragmented. Already, an increasing number of consumers are rapidly moving away from standard platforms to other OEM-led browsers, app stores, apps, and channels. It is estimated that there are about 1 billion non-Chrome/non-Safari users that account for 24% of the entire browser universe of 4.5 billion worldwide. 

For marketers, this presents a challenge and an opportunity to reach their target consumers. New-age technologies have opened new avenues to connect with consumers that go beyond the traditional marketing cycle and channels.  

Marketers must now focus on utilising a more innovative and comprehensive mix of advertising channels across devices, browsers, search engines, apps, and publisher platforms and continue refining their choices based on ROI. 

VEVE: Enabling marketers to go beyond conventional advertising channels 

The heavy reliance on only specific types of digital media and advertising, be it search, display, social, or contextual ads, has made consumers almost “blind” to several ad formats, making performance marketing hard to succeed. It is estimated that 86% of consumers ignore or pay no attention to online display ads, seriously hurting brands. To counter such challenges, marketers must focus on tapping into newer marketing channels and ad formats that are less intrusive and more engaging. 

VEVE, a performance marketing platform, enables marketers to add newer ad formats to their marketing campaigns that connects the user with brands across the purchase cycle – from discovery to engagement and conversion (sign-ups, app installs, or actual purchase). 

By providing a host of innovative ad formats with precise targeting options across the device, web, and app domains, VEVE enables marketers to create and deliver integrated and engaging ad campaigns that can drive more visibility, traffic, and conversions. 

Some of the key benefits that VEVE provides include: 

  • Enabling marketers to place their brands in a way that catches audience attention without hampering their user experience or causing any distraction. 
  • Helping marketers explore avenues beyond cost-heavy standard advertising formats offered by tech giants 
  • Delivers premium inventory, high ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) 
  • Ability to target different mediums across the web, device, and app domains like: 
    • Browsers
    • Startpages
    • Launchers
    • Minus one screen
    • App stores
    • Mobile apps
    • Extensions

A powerful AdTech platform for businesses across verticals  

Till date, VEVE has powered performance marketing campaigns for several leading brands across verticals including e-commerce, finance, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, and telecom, to name a few. It has also emerged as one of the few performance marketing companies that help to drive incremental revenue as well as solve operational challenges. By leveraging VEVE’s ad formats, even high-consideration segments like finance, where consumers spend a long time in consideration before the actual purchase, have been able to work through the entire sales funnel for acquiring new customers and engage them. 

An integrated and transparent platform 

By providing a single platform to manage multiple OEMS, publishers, and ad platforms, VEVE helps businesses save time and effort by making the process faster and easier. In addition, marketers can connect with leading global OEMs to create customised packages with select publishers.  

Are you a marketer looking to stand out from the competition and leverage new ways to acquire customers or drive purchases? 

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