Even as the consumer purchase process becomes increasingly omnichannel, digital remains the primary go-to channel, especially for top-of-the-funnel or pre-purchase audiences. In this context, browsers serve as the gateway to online journeys and product discoveries. In fact, organic search offers the best marketing RoI, as per respondents to an industry survey[1]. This also makes in-browser advertising an effective strategy for reaching high-intent users; browser-based campaigns have the potential to drive not just traffic or clicks, but also high conversions owing to a target audience that is actively searching for the product/service.  

Top reasons to make browser advertising part of a brand’s marketing strategy 

  • Engaging customers for a longer duration  

In the new-normal world, as many as  71% of customers are spending a lot more time online[2]. This makes it important to engage them with relevant campaigns right when or even before they begin their search. This way, marketers have a better opportunity to earn a larger mindshare and get their target audiences to engage with their campaign or brand assets for a longer duration.  

  • Precise targeting basis customer behaviour  

Running a digital campaign is only getting more expensive[3]. Example: Facebook’s CPM, has increased by 45% in 2022 as compared to 2021. Instagram’s CPM too increased by 39% in 2022 as compared to the previous year. Google’s CPM has also increased by 12% in 2022. This makes it critical to leverage advertising opportunities that help brands target a highly relevant audience base to ensure optimal RoI for their campaigns. Browser-based advertising allows performance marketers to target customers based on a host of parameters including device type (mobile/desktop), device model, location (country/state/city), interest-based and more. 

  • Target a ready-to-interact audience  

Channels that let brands target the audience at the most ‘ripe’ stage in their digital journey can significantly impact engagement levels and conversion rates. Browser advertising helps brands to reach an audience that is ready to interact owing to their search intent and experience.  

Benefits of an innovative browser advertising platform 

Traditionally, digital marketers have focused their browser advertising strategy around mainstream browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, new-age standalone browsers along with OEM-led browsers are offering innovative ad formats that help marketers create better experiences for discerning and evolved customers. 

  • Well-positioned browser ads  

Browser ads that are non-intrusive and enhance the user experience are proven to improve customer interactions by up to 10x. 

  • Brand recall and navigation 

Imagine users seeing a brand billboard or a commercial and then seeing the same brand upfront as soon as they open the browser. This not only boosts brand recall but also helps potential customers to reach the brand website or landing page even before or without making a search.  

  • Ads that audiences appreciate  

Digital fatigue and advertising fatigue are real impediments to positive brand engagement and campaign conversion. Hence, advertising platforms that enable engagement on browser homepages while avoiding the visual clutter of search/display ads and social media are key to earning brownie points with target customers.   

Redefining browser advertising strategy with VEVE 

While choosing the right platform for browser advertising campaigns, it is important to consider a partner who can help manage unique or consistent campaigns across browsers and device types.  

A platform focused on innovative advertising formats, VEVE gives advertisers access to top mobile and desktop browsers, beyond the mainstream browsers like Chrome and Safari.  

As per industry estimates, of the total 4.5 billion browser users globally, over 1 billion do not use Chrome/Safari as their primary browser. Also, 60% of all online searches happen on mobile devices[4]. As the number of premium users on standalone and OEM-led browsers grow, leveraging platforms such as VEVE for high-impact browser advertising can contribute significantly to maximising RoI and driving performance goals – clicks, website visits, sign-ups, and purchases.

The products offered by the platform – Tiles and Impact – work to deliver on a variety of performance marketing and branding goals. 

  • Key features of VEVE Tiles 

Using Tiles, a quick access icon (brand logo) on the browser home page, marketers can boost their reach by targeting customers across mobile and desktop browsers. The product is designed to enable access to premium, high purchase-intent customers. It allows marketers to drive traffic directly to brand websites and landing pages, even before the customer has entered a search query. With 100% viewability, Tiles accelerate the process of brand discovery, build higher recall, drive conversions, and stand out in a highly cluttered landscape. 

  • Key features of VEVE Impact  

VEVE Impact works to elevate the experience and appeal of browser advertising with custom banner ads. It is especially designed to help drive incremental traffic and target unique, premium users during peak periods such as new product launch campaigns, public festivals, and sale season, to name a few. It offers the ability to create time-bound offers to engage users basis a sense of urgency.   

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