App-based advertising, which includes app store advertising, app search optimisation, and in-app marketing, has served as a highly effective marketing strategy. However, due to the ever-changing app environment, marketers are having to look beyond the Google Play Store to ensure that their campaigns are as effective as possible.

As the total number of mobile apps cross 5.5 million in 2023 [1], marketers are looking at a highly competitive app advertising environment. Some of the top challenges that are compounding challenges related to campaign efficacy and conversion include: 

  • Challenges related to incremental scaling 
  • Higher uninstallation rates 
  • Spiraling CPIs  

The need for innovative app marketing platforms  

Apart from the onslaught of new apps in an already crowded environment, the current reliance on traditional app marketplaces as the primary marketing channels is contributing to the lack of sustainable app marketing strategies. Since consumers can use only a few apps at a given time, marketers must constantly find new ways to capture consumer attention and break through this restricted list of apps used by the consumers. 

The need of the hour is to drive incremental app installs by leveraging the advertising opportunities offered by leading mobile OEM providers. To enhance the experience for their users, most OEMs are providing their own app stores that come pre-bundled with the device. Such OEM app stores are increasingly finding greater adoption among consumers across global markets. The ease of browsing experience, along with seamless download features, are the top reasons contributing to such adoption. This makes it critical for marketers to keep pace with consumer preferences and look for innovative ways to advertise on OEM app stores.  

There are a host of benefits that marketers can expect when advertising on OEM app stores. These include: 

  • Greater visibility owing to a less cluttered environment  
  • Maximum campaign spend optimisation with a higher profit ratio and lower CPI 
  • Access to new and targeted users 
  • Enhanced promotional tools that increase the likeliness of conversions/app installs  

Leveraging the right partner for OEM app store advertising 

Managing campaigns across multiple OEM app advertising tools can be cumbersome in this fragmented publisher universe. Hence, advertisers require an AdTech partner that can help run consistent or unique campaigns across OEM app stores. This is critical to ensuring campaign success and streamlined operations.  

VEVE, one of the largest providers of non-conventional, on-device ad formats and OEM advertising has emerged as one of the most preferred partners for several leading brands across industries.  

The platform enables marketers to launch a strategy that targets users across their entire purchase lifecycle – pre-discovery to post-purchase. It partners with a range of top OEMs to offer marketers access to some of the largest app stores with precise targeting options. This allows brands to build highly creative campaigns that help tap into untapped, premium audiences. 

Unlocking new opportunities 

VEVE, enables marketers to reach 350+ million users across OEM app stores and third-party apps to drive app installs at scale. Apart from this immense reach, the platform offers multiple innovative ad formats designed to drive incremental app installs. It helps performance marketers advertise on popular, premium apps and create more comprehensive marketing strategies.  

Some of the high-impact ad formats include: 

  • OEM App Store Search-focused Ads 
  • Native  Ads 
  • App Recommendations 
  • Splash Screens 
  • OEM App Embeds 
  • Push notifications 

Top benefits of VEVE’s OEM app store-focused campaigns 

  • Transparency and scale 

One of the biggest benefits that VEVE offers is that it enables brands to connect with leading global OEMs through a single channel. This not only makes campaign management faster and more efficient, but it also provides complete transparency. Advertisers can track the performance of their campaigns across different OEM app stores through a single dashboard, making it easy to scale and optimise.

  • Access premium inventory with high ROAS 

The VEVE platform enables reaching a more discerning and high-intent audience on OEM app stores, which can lead to higher conversion rates and installs. With a reach of 350 million+ users and an average conversion rate of 8%-10%+, it enables advertisers to display their brand logos and creatives across leading apps and OEM-led app stores. 

  • Ensure positive brand placement  

VEVE’s unique ad formats help marketers create non-intrusive, high engagement ads. This not only helps to elevate user experience but also builds a greater brand recall and trust.

  • Targeted and privacy-friendly 

VEVE’s OEM advertising strategies help marketers to create and optimise campaigns based on geo (country/state/city), device type, device price targeting, to name a few. This makes campaigns more targeted, ensuring better CTR and install rates. Since the platform does not collect any user information, it provides the highest privacy with no data pipeline leaking information like user behaviour, preferences, or buying patterns to third-party publishers or ad networks. 

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