The penetration of Android OS in North America has seen it capturing almost 50%1 of the market share. Samsung (26%), LG (4.2%), Huawei (3%), Xiaomi (2%), One Plus (1%) and others, are just some of the leading mobile OEMs in the North American smartphone market2. The growing Android marketshare has also resulted in increased adoption of new mobile OEMs default apps, app stores, browsers, and more by the users. This shows tremendous promise for marketers to reach this new and highly engaged audience at multiple touchpoints throughout their mobile journey.

Advertising on Android OS has been there for some time now, but there is a challenge. The ad clutter across the mobile real estate is immense. Additionally, the campaigns are intrusive and disrupt the way customers use their smartphones. This causes ad fatigue among disgruntled users, who are only pushed further away from brands and their ads.

It has become important for advertisers to turn to alternate advertising solutions to successfully expand their reach in the Android market through strategic distribution in a non-intrusive manner. For instance, during the festive season, customers have a high intent to buy products or services and are more likely to search for them using their smartphone browsers. Instead of bombarding these customers with promotional messages, advertisers can directly engage with this highly interested userbase by placing ads natively on the browser homepage. This way marketers are able to reach a highly interested consumer even before they begin their online journey and drive sales, leads, website visits, app installs, subscriptions, and more.

Additionally, receiving promotional messages can also be troublesome, especially when they are not targeted to the right customer. Fortunately, there is a way to remedy this. Notifications ads help brands to push their promotions to the right customer at the right time, based on their interests, location, device type, time of the day, and much more. This approach ensures that ads are shown to customers who are specifically interested in a particular product and service.

VEVE empowers brands to reach over 65million daily active users (DAUs) in North America through unique on-device placements and innovative ad formats.  VEVE’s industry-leading ad formats – Tiles, Notifications and Universal have helped brands across industries drive Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of up to 10X. For instance, brands in the financial services sector reported stellar average conversion rates of 3.5%,  e-commerce over 3%, and travel, OTTs saw conversion rates of up to 2%.

Smart marketers understand the need to adapt their marketing mix to the changing industry landscape. Android OEMs show exponential promise, and it is imperative for advertisers to leverage it to run campaigns at scale and drive high marketing ROI with VEVE’s unique on-device placements and ad formats.

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