In 2021, there are 3.81 billion smartphone users across the globe and 298million mobile users in the USA alone. But why are we reflecting on these numbers? 

Smartphones have become the go-to gadgets for getting information about brands, products, and services. 60%3 of all online searches happen on mobile; more specifically, on the browser of the mobile phone. 1 in 2 smartphone users spends up to 604 minutes searching for information on their mobile’s default browser. Interestingly, searches related to food and beverage (72%)5, lifestyle (62%)6, retail (56%)7, travel (52%)8, occupy some of the top positions. The fact that mobile users are spending so much time on browsers, renders it a crucial touchpoint in the customer buying journey.  

The diversity of mobile OEM browsers 

Mobile users have access to a wide variety of mobile handsets today. Besides Apple, other mobile OEMs such as Samsung (37.10%)9, Xiaomi (11.20%)10, Huawei (11%)11, Oppo (8.7%)12, Vivo (7.3%)13, and more have established solid shares in the US market.

The Android mobile market share in the US is approximately over 42%14 and its default browsers such as Samsung (78%)15, UC Browser (16%)16, Opera Mini (5.48%)17 and more, are increasingly gaining popularity. This enhances the scope and opportunity for advertisers to reach a highly engaged audience on Android OEM browsers directly like never before.  

Browser advertising on mobile OEMs is the present and the future 

The key advantage of advertising on mobile OEM browsers is that it can be used to get incremental reach and conversions. Within the walled gardens of search and social media channels, there is a tonne of visual clutter from ads, causing ad fatigue and pushing potential consumers even further away from making a purchase. 

Advertising on mobile OEM browser homepage remedies this as it is native and non-intrusive placement. And help reach the highly interested customer even before they begin their online journey.

Doing it the right way 

Platforms such as VEVE have been making waves in the performance marketing industry with its on-device mobile advertising solutions. The platform enables brands across verticals such as retail, e-commerce, travel, entertainment, BFSI, and more, to reach captive users directly through mobile OEMs, browsers, and telcos.  

Using VEVE’s innovative ad formats, brands can reach a highly engaged user base at multiple touchpoints throughout their buying journey. One such ad format that is used to advertise on browsers is  Tiles.  

VEVE is helping advertisers to reach over 50 MN daily active users (DAUs) with its Tiles ad format before they even begin their online journey. The ad can be used at unique on-device placements including OEM default browsers, app stores, mobile apps, start pages, and search engines. The approach has empowered marketers across industries, to effectively drive key performance marketing KPIs such as leads, sales, subscriptions, app installs, clicks, and other metrics. More importantly, the performance of such campaigns is making waves across industries, with marketers reporting high conversion rates as compared to other channels and ROI of up to 2X. This is what makes advertising on browsers using innovative on-device ad formats, an asset to any brand’s performance marketing mix.   

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