VEVE drives
300% marketing ROI
through mobile handsets
(OEMs) for HDFC Life
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Key outcomes
25 mn
customers targeted in metro cities
reduction in cost-per-lead as compared to other channels
marketing ROI achieved (purchasing insurance covers)
About the brand
Established in 2000, HDFC Life is one of the leading, long-term life insurance providers in the country. It offers a range of individual, and group covers that meet a variety of customer needs such as health, protection, pensions, savings, investments, and more.
The story
Customers realised the growing need to protect themselves and their families during the pandemic. This resulted in a surge in the demand for insurance covers[1,2]. HDFC Life Insurance wanted to leverage this spike in demand to promote its covers.
The challenge
HDFC Life Insurance was on the lookout for alternate performance channel to search and social media. The objective was to acquire new customers from untapped markets. The brand was looking to optimize ad spends and garner increased ROI.
Campaign objective
HDFC Life Insurance wanted alternate media inventories that would help them generate quality leads and get incremental ROI, while maintaining the ad spends. Further, the brand was looking at a cost-effective solution to optimize cost-per-lead, and also establish itself as the premier insurance provider in the country.
The solution
  • VEVE leveraged its unique on-device ad format - Tiles. The ads were strategically placed on the home page of mobile handset manufacturers' (OEMs) default browsers.
  • The ads were targeted at users of Oppo and Vivo smartphones with a handset purchase price of above INR 10,000.
  • Interest-based targeting was used to reach customers who were particularly interested in insurance products and lived in metro cities.
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The results
25 million customers targeted in metro cities
>1% click-to-lead ratio
>50% reduction in cost-per-lead as compared to other channels
>300% ROI achieved (purchasing insurance covers)
Vishal Subharwal
Head of Marketing, Digital Business &
E-commerce, HDFC Life Insurance
Our partnership with VEVE has helped to propel our brand to new heights with its innovative media placements. It was refreshing to explore new avenues to boost our ROI, and we are satisfied with the outcome of the ad.
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