Mobile Premier League
achieved 150% increase
in daily app installs
during IPL using VEVE's
unique on-device mobile ads
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Key outcomes
improvement in click-to-install rate with the video format
increase in daily app installs during IPL
higher install-to-registration rate
higher Return on Ad Spends (ROAS)
About the brand

MPL is the world's leading mobile e-sports platform that allows users to participate in paid competitions across 70+ games in multiple categories, including mobile games, daily fantasy sports, quizzing, and board games. Founded in 2018, MPL hosts hundreds of millions of tournaments a month and is trusted by over 90 million registered users across India, Indonesia, Europe, and the U.S.

The story

The mobile gaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace in the last few years. Gaming cuts across all of these facets, and hence took off in a big way in the pandemic years. Even prior to that, gaming was on the rise. What the pandemic did was accelerate an already thriving sector.

The growing accessibility to smartphones and affordable data also contributed to the surge in mobile gamers. There are approximately 450 million online gamers in the country, which is estimated to further grow to 657 million by 2025 1. Consultancy firm EY mentioned in a recent report that the Indian domestic market for online gaming is estimated to grow from $906 million in 2019 to more than $2 billion in 2023 representing a CAGR of nearly 22%.

The challenge
MPL was looking at increasing its user base and app distribution across the country. However, restrictions on Google Play Store listings posed an impediment. Therefore, they wanted to look beyond search and social media to scale its app install campaigns and drive higher performance ROIs.
Campaign objective

MPL wanted to:

  • Identify innovative solutions to overcome its app distribution challenges on other platforms
  • Establish high performing advertising channels beyond search and social media to drive incremental app installs
  • Acquire high-quality gamers at scale with effective cost optimization
The solution

VEVE identified multiple channels to increase app distribution for MPL, maximizing its reach effectively to drive incremental app installs.

  • VEVE chose strategic mobile touch points using its on-device ad formats including:
    • Tiles, a simple but highly engaging ad unit on mobile browsers to drive users to download the app before they even began their browsing journey
    • Notifications ads promoted offers and discounts on mobile lock screens via content websites, browsers, OEM default apps and more.
  • VEVE also identified innovative placements across premium apps that had high usage and engagement patterns.
  • The communication in the ads was customized with attractive discounts and compelling messaging to encourage users to download the app.
Browsers App Stores App Recommendation Notifications
  • Browsers
  • App Stores
  • App Recommendation
  • Notifications
The results
5X improvement in click-to-install rate with the video format
150% increase in daily app installs during IPL
Up to 50% higher install-to-registration rate
2X higher Return on Ad Spends (ROAS)
Ishant Bhutani
Senior Manager, Growth Partnerships, Mobile Premier League
“VEVE played an instrumental role in helping us identify alternate distribution channels to run the ads. Appographic targeting worked well in enabling us to reach highly interested users who converted to high-quality customers. We are excited to scale our partnership with VEVE for upcoming performance campaigns.”
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