E-Commerce giant
OTTO partners with
VEVE to drive upwards
of 5X boost in sales
during peak shopping
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Key outcomes
increase in clicks
boost in conversion rates
increase in sales during peak shopping seasons
About the brand
Founded in 1949, OTTO is one of the leading German online shopping platforms. Based in Hamburg, Germany, the company offers a big variety of products ranging from fashion, living, electrical devices, and much more.

Currently, VEVE is working with OTTO, through its unique affiliate program - OTTO Partner Programm. It is one of the largest and most successful affiliate programs in Germany. It is easy to use and offers a wide selection of advertising materials, fair commission through its unique dynamic attribution models and an attractive product range that is available online. Advertisers also have access to high-conversion advertising materials such as dynamic HTML banners, and best in-class support from OTTO’s channel experts.
The opportunity
The growth of e-commerce retail in Europe was accentuated even further during the pandemic. The industry grew by 47%[1] in 2020. This is attributed to customers turning to e-commerce retail platforms for their shopping needs. For instance, 31%[2] of European customers turned to online retail platforms to shop during the Black Friday sales. Research also suggested that customers began online shopping early in the holiday season, i.e., in late October (13%)[3] and early November (19%)[4]. OTTO wanted to promote their range of products during peak seasons, reach interested customers and generate more sales.
The challenge
The brand was on the lookout for new channels to advertise to reach new customers beyond search and social media, and drive sales during peak seasons.
Campaign objective

  • Drive quality traffic to OTTO’s website to maximize sales
  • Achieve positive Return on Ad Spends (ROAS), while expanding its share in the Android market
  • Explore unique on-device placements through mobile OEM advertising
The solution

With the help of unique on-device ad formats – Tiles, Notifications and Universal, VEVE helped OTTO successfully expand its reach in the Android market through strategic execution via Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Wiko and other leading mobile handset manufacturers (OEMs).

The campaign optimized further by tailoring the ad content and using regional or device price targeting. Using these tactics, VEVE helped the brand reach the right customers who were more likely to engage with the ads.

Tiles Notifications Universal Desktop Tiles
  • Tiles
  • Notifications
  • Universal
  • Tiles (Desktop)
The results
Provided access to 50% Android market share in Germany
4X increase in clicks
2X boost in conversion rates
Upwards of 5X boost in sales during peak seasons
Andreas Erler
Sr. Online Marketing Manager, OTTO
“Working with VEVE has provided us with promising results. While testing new ways to market our wide range of products, VEVE has always provided us with great ideas, solutions and expert knowledge. They have proven to be a great partner to work with and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”
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